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How Breast Massages Make Your Breast Big

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Before I explain how to do a good breast massage, I will answer your question “does massage increase breast size?” Often we do not start something because we do not understand why it works.

The reason behind the breast massage is to help the body get rid of toxins through the lymphatic glands in the breasts. Not only that, but it will also provide nutrients that are essential to the breast tissue.

The massage to increase the breasts will increase the flow of lymph fluid in the breasts, and this will help to enhance breast health. Some even believe that this can help prevent malignant breast disease.

Now you understand why it works, let me tell you about the best way to massage your chest to enhance breasts health.

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure you have everything you need. Find a place that is quiet and comfortable so your body is able to relax. You should also get some cream to massage your breasts. I recommend you use a good herbal cream because it makes the breasts bigger faster.
  • Remember to relax your body. A good way to do this is simply by taking a few deep breaths, holding them and then let them out. Do not skip this step because you need to allow your body to relax.
  • Now it’s time to get to work. Just dip your fingers in a little massage cream, you can use your fingers and slowly and gently smooth the skin away from the breast nipple.
  • Make sure you do not press too hard as this could flatten vessels in your breasts and stop the flow of fluids and toxins.
  • Now you should gently squeeze the breasts. This means you gently press and lift your fingers in various destinations in the chest but not the nipples. You must make movements as if you were pulling chest forward.
  • Now you can gently use your fingers or hands, one that is more comfortable for you to twist the breasts. To do this, in the sense of clockwise and anti-clockwise. You should not put too much pressure on the breasts. Remember everything must be done smoothly.
  • This should be done for at least 15 minutes in the morning and evening to see any type of breast growth.

I understand that you may not have the time for it every day, to make a breast massage every day, but you should try to do so. Although I also recommend using breast enhancement cream to make your breasts bigger because it will be a great help.


Tips About Kegel Exercises

Published / by mimin

Pelvic floor disorders can result from a combination of factors that include obesity, vaginally delivered childbirth, having a hysterectomy and aging. Increased pressure on the abdomen, moving or lifting heavy objects and straining during bowel movements can result in pelvic floor disorders. Using kegel exercise equipment will provide a fast, safe effective way to quickly strengthen the pelvic muscles.

When the pelvic floor muscles are weak, the risk is far greater for involuntary leaks. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that hold up and support the bladder. Regardless of cause or age, kegel exercises are a natural and recognized way of controlling urinary incontinence. There are several excellent types of kegel exercise equipment that strengthen the muscles which include:

• Step Free Weights – are specially designed vaginal weights that can be inserted and removed into the vagina easily. The weight of the cone is gradually increased once control over the pelvic floor is achieved. The weights are more effective when in an upright position or moving around.

• Kegelmaster – a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser that is an effective pelvic floor strengthening device. The plastic device is inserted into the vagina and the springs are adjusted to provide more resistance and are best used when in a reclining position. It is recommended that three sets of movements are carried out each session.

• Dubbed Elvie – takes kegel exercise equipment to a whole new level. The device has multiple sensors that help measure the force applied and can be used while standing, walking or lying down. The Elvie comes with a workout app and real time feedback which teaches you the correct way in which to do pelvic floor workouts.

• SKEA (smart exercise aid) is a device that is inserted into the vagina and pairs exercise with gaming. SKEA acts as a controller and will sync with and android or iOS game once the device has been inserted. When the muscles are contracted properly, the device delivers soothing pulses.

• K-Goal Smart Kegel – tracks stats, pressure applied, the number of repetitions and squeezes. This device relies on air pressure to determine your exercise progress. By adjusting the air pressure the devices pillow can be customized to fit your anatomy.

The objective behind kegel exercises is to strengthen the muscles and control the urethra. Such exercises allow the muscles to believe you are trying to stop urine flow. When using a device, take into account the position that you plan to use it, the time that you have to set aside to use the kegel device. You can practice pulling and squeezing the muscles for around 10 seconds, then releasing. Do around 10 contractions three times daily. If you pursue these exercises daily you should see positive results within three to six weeks.

Depending on the severity of incontinence, exercises are carried out in conjunction with minimal doses of electrical stimulation. Kegel exercise programs using kegel exercise equipment is highly recommended by health professionals to relieve urinary incontinence, enhance sexual responsiveness as kegel exercises improve overall sexual and physical health. In order to see results, the strongest motivator for compliance is perseverance.


The Effect of Running For Your Breast

Published / by mimin

Having looked at my Facebook and Google analytics I saw that 2/3 of visitors to my pages are female, so I decided to write this just for you!

As a male, I have no idea what it feels like to have large breasts and on top of that run with them! But having worked with many athletes, I know that it is a legitimate concern for many women. In researching this article, I found a stat that 34D breasts add 2 pounds of mass to the front of the chest! I have met plenty of clients over the years who have had breast reductions to help alleviate various forms of back pain. The significant relief following reduction suggests that larger breasts can affect spinal mechanics. Some other searching found that during running the breasts accelerate at anything between 2-12G, which if you combine with 2 pounds of mass as above is a large force! Knowing that the varying parts of the body are inter-related, I wanted to review how breast size and support can affect running mechanics?

A recent paper (1) found that in the 2012 London marathon, 1/3 of female participants experienced breast pain. The prevalence of pain increased with cup size, affecting 24% of athletes with ≤A cup size, and 51% with ≥F cup sizes. However, 44% of them took no measures to overcome the pain, including a well fitted sports bra. 17% of the female marathon participants said that breast pain affected their participation in exercise.

A recent PhD (2) paper found some interesting links between breast size and level of support provided by the bra. It found that high levels of breast support reduced breast pain in all types of recreational sports. It also found that it produced favorable changes in running biomechanics:

    • Increased stride length and knee flexion during the swing phase which both cause a higher level of performance.


    • Reduced trunk motion in a sagittal plane:
        • Ideally in running we want to have and maintain a gentle forward lean versus an upright poise. The forward lean moves our center of mass slightly ahead of our hips and allows us to better use our gluts. It also reduces our chances of over-striding, which provides a breaking effect.
      • The trunk is the structure that the legs are moving from. If there is excessive motion it will effects how the legs move and the force they can develop.


  • Reduced trunk motion in a transverse plane:
    • When we run there should be a small amount of rotational movement through the trunk and pelvis. However when breast support is low there is a greater amount of trunk rotation from the inertia of the breast. This then leads to higher pelvic counter-rotation. To run efficiently means we want our energy to be predominantly moving us forward, however increased rotation means energy is being lost laterally.

These benefits of high level of support are a good reason to make sure you are fitted well. If you are not well fitted, the inertia of the breast tissue will not only affect the mechanics of the body close to them (like the spine), but will also affect that further away (such as the knee). With poor support the odds are raised that you will try and alter the mechanics of your body to reduce the displacement of the breast to produce comfort, which may also cause issues with other mechanics elsewhere in the body.

Find someone to fit you correctly with a sports bra – reduce your risk of injury, reduce your pain, and improve your performance today.


All About Breast

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There’s something special about women’s breasts that attract attention of males. You can easily find men around you who simply can’t stop bringing breasts in their conversations now and then. Numerous researches have been done to find why men are so awestruck with breast, especially the bigger ones. Over the years, Breast enlargement surgery has become the most effective way for women to achieve bigger breasts.

Here is a list of some studies that revealed funny results. Have a look.

  • Financially Unhappy Men Like Big & Rich Men Like Small Breasts

Yeah, though it sounds weird, but that’s what a recent research conducted by expert scientists showed. Bigger breasts attract men who are facing financial troubles, or in simple words are poor. The study reveals that the size of breasts a man prefers is somewhat related to the amount of money he earns.

  • Hungry Men Love Big Breasts

Another study has revealed that men who haven’t eaten for a while are more attracted to bigger breasts, whereas men who just had heavy food would usually prefer small breasts women. So stay hungry stay lovable! Bon appétit!

  • Large Breasts Are Less Attractive For Men Not Interested In Fatherhood

A recent study showed results that naturally breasts are a sign of woman’s ability to bear and nurture healthy children. This natural phenomenon is the reason why men who aren’t interested in becoming a father are more attracted towards small breasts.

  • Pressing Breasts May Keep Women Away From Cancer!

Something to cheer upon! By squeezing, pressing, fondling and playing with breasts of your partner, you can ensure that she stays away from breast cancer. Studies have shown that physical force can affect the growth and reversion of cancer cells.

  • Sexist Men Prefer Small Breasts

Another study revealed that men with sexist attitudes towards females are more likely to prefer small breasts. So, this can be a good reason of getting breast enlargement surgery by the best cosmetic surgeon. The bigger breasts might ensure that you stay away from sexist men.

  • Bras Speedup Sagging Problem

A few studies have even suggested that wearing a bra is completely useless as it might cause the breasts to sag quickly than expected. A Study stated that women who did not wear a bra got natural support by developing more muscle tissues.

  • Men Who Like Small Breasts Want A Submissive Partner

A study revealed that men who like small breasts are usually looking for a submissive and non-threatening partner. So, big breasts can help women stay away from such misogynist men.