Between Shaving and Waxing

The debate between waxing and shaving is one that will probably not end any time soon, with two distinct camps each defending their position of choice. Both procedures remove unwanted body hair, but they accomplish it in very different ways and show very different results. Waxing is the process of removing hair from the body by the root, by spreading warm wax onto the skin and allowing it to harden, followed by quickly pulling the hair which has been trapped by the wax out of the skin. Due to the fact that the hair is being pulled out with the root attached, you are actually removing hair below the surface and as a result will maintain a smoother appearance for a longer period of time. Shaving is the process of cutting the hair with a razor at the skin’s surface. Because modern razors have the ability to slightly raise the hair before cutting it, you will gain the appearance of a smooth body even though the hair is just below the surface. Naturally, you will need to shave far more often than you need to way, but there are other distinct advantages to waxing over shaving as well. Although there is pain involved in waxing that is not involved in shaving, many people choose to endure the pain due to the benefits they receive.

Waxing reduces the number of ingrown hairs that are produced by hair being trapped below the skin surface and continuing to grow. This situation is caused by the blunted end of shaved hair not being able to push through the skin in the areas where it once did. The hair becomes trapped and grows underneath the skin, creating an infected area. The only way to stop this process is by breaking the hair free from the skin surface. This process is painful and unsightly, and is far more rare in waxing situations due to the hair growing with a more natural shape and in a natural path. Repeatedly waxed hair is also softer than shaved hair, as each instance of waxing creates a weaker root.

Waxing is also less hard on the skin than shaving. Aside from the obvious cuts that happen when shaving with a razor blade, shaving also removes the very top layer of skin cells, producing irritation. Waxing, if done professionally, will generally produce little to no irritation to the skin while still removing the hair.

At the end of the day, shaving or waxing is a personal choice that is based upon convenience and desire for a smooth appearance. If you are experimenting with waxing, it is suggested that you enlist the services of a professional.